Product packaging design

With creativity and experience in packaging design, and with a solid understanding of both printing and production procedures, as well as in depth knowledge of packaging materials, we provide our clients with the ability to transform a product packaging from a concept to a commercial reality.

Through a thorough product study, artistic creativity, correct and functional packaging design, we add value to a product by communicating commercially in total its quality characteristics and assets.

Positioning a product packaging accurately within its market zone is an essential parameter to us during the design procedure. To achieve optimum results, we are always in communication with the client, to set the commercial parameters on which we will base both our concept and packaging design. For us it is essential that a packaging’s design needs to be easily recognizable by its consumer audience.

Our packaging design works have been multiple times granted with awards and distinctions in various countries such as France, United States of America and China Republic, and many of our packaging design projects have been featured in globally recognized design related publications and websites

In our portfolio you can find our award-winning and much-discussed projects for packaging design.



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