Since 1924 Christogeorgou family has been producing high quality dairy products. Inspired by company’s initial retro brand name design, we created a series of packaging for products such as vanilla cream, chocolate cream and rice paddy.
Branding & Packaging
Nikolaos Christogeorgos

November, 2018

Christogeorgos dairy products
Σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας κρέμας γιαουρτιού ρυζόγαλου pecora nera

Since 1924

Company’s brand name was chosen to be used in all products in order to highlight the origin of Grandpa Vassili’s old family recipes, that go really back in time.

The packaging design for “Christogeorgos dairy products” has been selected to showcased into the “Packaging Of The World” | www.packagingoftheworld.com

It was for this reason why we chose the specific calligraphic typography, on the intention of communicating design references as they were used in old Athenian pastry & bakery shops in the decade of 1950.
the logo
σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας κρέμας pecora nera design studio
Σχεδιασμός λογοτύπου pecora nera design studio
Σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας κυπελάκι κρέμα σοκολάτα  pecora nera design studio
Σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας ρυζόγαλου  pecora nera design studio
Σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας κυπελάκι κρέμα βανίλια  pecora nera design studio
The packaging design is aesthetically clean and chromatically based on pale tones. One of these packaging series fundamental concept decisions, was to present each product with a photograph taken from above emphasizing the product itself.

The intensive use of typography as well as the additional selected design materials, created a clean and light packaging that clearly reflects and directly communicates each product’s specific benefits.

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